Philip Antone

Web Designer & SEM Manager

  • phone:(646) 257-2474
MBA, University of Rhode Island: College of Business Administration, North Kingstown, RI, 2008.
BFA, University of Hartford: University of Hartford: Hartford Art School, Hartford, CT, 2000.
  • Innovative Web Designer

    As a designer with a degree in graphic design and one in marketing, I offer a unique approach to web design. Site usability, aesthetics, structure, and even page load times are but just a sample of factors that are meticulously designed to speak directly to your core audience. By designing to the needs and preferences of a targeted user base, I have had great success creating websites that far exceed the industry standards of sales conversion, returning visitors, and user retention.

    And while the visible design of a website can better attract your core user, the underlying structure is just as important. Bug free code, SEO optimized design, and keyword placement is but a few of the practices that have allowed me to create sites that are not only visually stunning, but are guaranteed to increase visitors.

  • Distinctive SEO Management

    As search engine complexity continues to grow, so too does search engine optimization strategy. A top listing in search engine results is undoubtedly important, but it is far from the only SEO objective in cultivating a distinctive online presence.

    Managing SEO strategy for over 8 years, I've been able to rank high for the most competitive of keywords on a continuous basis. But more importantly, optimizing first page results to display starred reviews, map results, sitelinks, and additional metadata have allowed me to construct listings with a strong visual impact. Distinctive SERP results not only help increase traffic, but establish trust, build brand recognition, and significantly increase conversion rates.

  • CPM & PPC to ROI

    Managing campaigns with tens of thousands of keywords and hundreds of landing pages present infinite opportunities for improvement. ROI and conversion are excellent indicators of success, but it is the speed at which I have been able to rapidly increase these metrics that have allowed me to continuously exceed the projected goals of my clients and employers.

    My ability to use funnel analyses and broad statistic gathering methods allow me to focus my attention on the most significant factors of a campaign. Whenever I am designing a new landing page, A/B testing a new ad, or determining the most profitable ad position for a keyword, I am certain that my efforts are increasing ROI at the quickest pace possible.

Philip M. Antone
Web Developer
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Brooklyn, New York

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